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Internationally renowned Astrologer Jane


Have you ever wondered what the stars have in store for you? Look no further because we have the perfect astrologer who can guide you through the cosmic wonders of your life! Introducing the internationally renowned Astrologer Jane! 


Astrologer Jane is a true master of her craft, specializing in natal charts, forecasting, astrocartography, horary and even some tarot and palmistry. With her incredible expertise, she can unravel the mysteries of the universe and provide you with invaluable insights into your past, present, and future.


Jane is also the author of children's book The Elementals In Space. A magical story, travelling space, learning planets, mythology and astrology.


Whether you're seeking guidance on love, career, or personal growth, Astrologer Jane has got you covered! Her accurate readings and profound wisdom have helped countless individuals around the world find clarity and make informed decisions.


Astrologer Jane has recently opened her pop up private gazebo, a serene and enchanting space where you can experience her mystical readings in a tranquil setting. Imagine being surrounded by nature's beauty while unlocking the secrets of your destiny. It's truly a one-of-a-kind experience!


Book your event with Astrologer Jane today and get ready to be amazed by her profound insights and uplifting energy. Remember, the planets and stars are aligning just for you! 


Embrace the magic of astrology and let Astrologer Jane guide you towards a brighter and more fulfilling future! 

Astrology Natal chart interpretations & forecasting PRICE LIST:


Natal interpretation.

An in depth reading of your birth chart influences, energies, 'where our characteristics & influences' may come from.

(Needs to be read before any other options)

Natal Interpretation chart, for which I need:

Name, date of birth, time of birth, town, country of birth. (Time - as close as possible)

1 hour consultation approx.



Forecasting Charts 💫 & Solar Return.


Where you were on your last birthday - town, country -

All the forecasting charts, looking into any specific questions. 

(Which takes a few hours study) then an hour consultation via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime.





Astrocartography,  🌍 

is where in the world, a person is likely to have a successful career, or feel at more home, or where one may meet chalenges, or possible unsettling experiences. 

Can be incorporated in natal interpretation, if time allows.







This is only for very important questions when a person might like to know something such as:

Where is a lost valuable/sentimental item? 

Would this career be a good move? 

relocation to another country? 

Will one pass an exam? 

Lost passport - jewellery?

Is ? Deceiving me?



To be asked anytime of the day or night and emailed or txt, to me when it is prominently and very strong in one’s mind? 

A burning question moment!

Not all Horary questions are validly answered, as long as the question is serious & respectful of this magical divination, a result is answerable. (Positive or negative)

(Separate from questions with a natal interpretation)





Follow up annual readings available & depends on questions & personal charts changes, with 1 hour consultation.






Compatibility between partnerships, personal or business. After one persons (preferably both) natal interpretation.





An Astrology introduction 'Taster'

Interpretation of your natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, the 3 major influences in our lives.




Local Space 

"Thé Feng Shui of Astrology"

Ever wondered why you can relax/study or sleep better in one area of your home rather than another ! Which area to put your study/workshop/art room?

Kitchen! For relaxing eating - not knife throwing !

"Local Space" is a personalised study of your natal chart planets placements, which correspond to your home/office floor plan - showing where is best for your office space, yoga room, bedroom -

which area to place your bed for maximum sleep benefits. Any specific room, to benefit your happy life.






For any questions or appointments please email


To be paid in advance please via PayPal -

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